MALAYSIAN TRIBOLOGY SOCIETY (MYTRIBOS), a professional and non-profit organization, effectively bridges the gap among academia, industry and research organization in the field of tribology. Starting from 2016, MYTRIBOS is affiliated to the Iternational Tribology Council (ITC). Over the years, the number of members has slowly and steadily increased, which includes both local Malaysian and expatriate working in Malaysia. In 2018, MYTRIBOS was successfully organized the 6th Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIATRIB2018). For this year (2020), once again MYTRIBOS will organized the 3rd Malaysian International Tribology Conference (MITC2020). MYTRIBOS eventual vision and mission is to help reduce energy consumption by making machineries more energy efficient. As efficient machinery means less greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, thus MYTRIBOS is contributing towards the improvement of the environment and to achieve a better quality of life and more sustainable world. MYTRIBOS too is creating awareness of the importance of practicing proper tribology.

Professor Dr. Salmiah Kasolang


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