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MALAYSIAN TRIBOLOGY SOCIETY (MYTRIBOS), a professional and non-profit organization, effectively bridges the gap among academia, industry and research organization in the field of tribology. Over the years, the number of members has slowly and steadily increased, which includes both local Malaysian and expatriate working in Malaysia.

Previously, in 2009, MYTRIBOS first organized the National Tribology Conference (NTC2009) for local participants. Following that, the Regional Tribology Conference (RTC2011) was organized in 2011. In 2013, the conference was renamed as the Malaysian International Tribology Conference (MITC2013) to give a more global image. MYTRIBOS is ever committed to continuously organize an international conference in the effort to advance tribology for a more sustainable world. In this coming 2015, once again, MYTRIBOS is geared to organize the Malaysian International Tribology Conference 2015 (MITC2015); which will help to facilitate exchange of information in tribology amongst tribology practitioners all around the world. The conference will explore every aspect of fundamental and applied tribology research.  

MYTRIBOS eventual vision and mission is to help reduce energy consumption by making machineries more energy efficient. As efficient machinery means less greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, thus MYTRIBOS is contributing towards the improvement of the environment and to achieve a better quality of life and more sustainable world. MYTRIBOS too is creating awareness of the importance of practicing proper tribology.

Masjuki Bin Hassan, CEng FIMechE


University of Malaya



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One of MYTRIBOS member, Engr. Dr. Noreffendy (UTeM) will give a special talk at "Seminar Teknologi Hybrid Automotif 2014" [click here]
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Congratulation to one of MYTRIBOS member, Mohamad Ali passed his Ph.D viva on 26 June 2014 [click here]
Photos during 3rd MYTRIBOS Meeting 2014 at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia [click here]
Congratulation to one of MYTRIBOS member, AP Dr Salmiah won the Best Presentation at G-TAR2014, Bali Indonesia [click here]
Research Presentation by AP Dr. Salmiah at G-TAR2014 [click here]
Research Presentation by the MYTRIBOS Members at ICMDME2014 [click here]
Dr. Aidah will give a Keynote Speech at ICMMMM 2014, Kuching [click here]